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As I've re-begun to draw ponies over that past week or so, I've noticed that I can now draw them faster and better than before. This has made my /dream/ of making an as blog a tad more atanable.

So after a bunch of character design, I present to ye, humble watchers, a mere thing:

I need asks to start this up, so, ask away!

Thanks for reading.
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Studying again. I have free time now so I may as well get pack to drawing. I should have never left it, it was wrong of me. Time to re-learn and improve!

I know I may have completely lost touch with all my watchers, people's taste changes over time, things are forgotten. 

Happy belated new year, btw.
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Hello peoples! well I have been very busy but i have made it.
I have finally started my conworld asktumblr thing. I would much appreciate if you could maybe go check it out.

On request, I shan't be taking them any more. Sorry, but no time really. I will be taking commissions, though. Just send me a note on that.

Thanks for reading and I hope to make more art soon.
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Hmmm... yeah, it's been long!

And I'm not too depressed anymore :D

Will start drawing more soon, I'm waiting on something.

I won't be taking requests though, not anymore. If anyone had a request pending please tell me here.

I hope you like humans too.
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Sorry about the last journal, I was emotional and had to rant... thank you for your kind words, you guys mean a lot to me. I maintain many Internet friendships that I care as much as my IRL ones... so sorry for acting all stupid back there.

I also thank you for the 7000 views! Wow! If you came to me six months ago saying I'd be here now I would have not believed you. Actually, one year ago is when I first saw the first bronies (they popped up on TWC), and if you had told me I;d be art of this fandom I'd have been very dubitative.

But, here we are, that's how the big potato rolls.

I need to finish off the prologue... I'm so close yet so far atm...

Sometimes you squint and see the string that hold up our delicate dreams, little silver strands, tensing and toiling their length to hold things of which you've never told. Running secrets and made up things, only suited for non existent kings. So sometimes these little string, though tough, do break and release the dreams. They fall, they tumble, down the air and then, lightly, crash, as you despair. You see what meant to you fall and die, a million pieces that make you cry; and so you do. You cannot lie. But that's when it dawns upon you that, maybe, all the dreams are never truths, but little whispers in our selves that bring us down imaginary roads to cities that glimmer in the platonic shine of impossibility. You see them far, diamonds shining on the horizon till they are destroyed by the hordes of truth and the meteors of reality. And, so, standing on the plain you finally realize and regret; move on and forget, and live on your life.
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EDIT: yeah, sorry...
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Breakfast is a good thing, I should do it more often... too bad my wallet scream in angish ;.;

And I have to be honest, Golf isn't that boring, especially those putter shots that decide the tournament. Lol just saw a mega epic fail from a Chinese hurdle jumper... I'm sure they're gonna execute him for dishonour. (Funny how dishonour looks like it should be read out as "Dish Onour", but that would be retarded.) Pub's music remind me of DST radio station in GTA...

Okay, now the more important stuff, I think, right?
I uploaded all the requests and trades I had to do as well as some random stuff I had lying around. This I do as to clear my mind for doing the lasts stages of the prologue, coming soon!

I think most of you won't like it, though...
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Can't find dark red markers :(

Though I haven't uploaded anything in a while, rest assured that I have been drawing continuously. So all those requests and trades are being worked on or are even already done. They are all waiting to be scanned, which won't be till I finish the prologue.

Does anybody like blood?

Brother, oh wheret be the shine?
I though it was his deed, not thine.
But as now I know the vile story,
with thrust of dagger I make it gory.
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"But Agol," the young boy questioned questioningly, in an inquisitive manner worthy of queer questioning by Quilonic Quails, "but Agol," the boy repeted himself in a way as if to remind some abstract being or beings that may or may not be eavesdropping on his tail that he was asking a query, "what of the living? Were they not harmed in the passing?"

Now, the boy had put forth a good question indeed, even though the reason why it was such a good question was as obscure as the lower regions of a Barthonian sex slave and as unknown as same's dignity, we must still remember that it was a good question. The old man knew this, and, trying to keep the thought of skimpy Barthonian sex slaves out of his mind, answered the little inbred  brat of a boy that was interrupting his nude sunbathing:

"Boy, the living lived, of course, otherwise they wouldn't be living, they would certainly not! For they would be dead. There was once an older one than me who did foretell of the living's living. I would quote his prophetic prophecies but he was a dyslexic, deaf and dumb drunk, so no luck there. I am not even sure why they called him that. No wait, that was just my uncle from the river land; crazy old turd! But, yes, the living lived, son."

I need sleep.
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I'm gonna get this comic done, it's just been too long >:[
Thank you all for the motivation.
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I need to buy some red markers I think... and also a finer pen for those little details and smaller objects.

I always find it funny how my OC can't stay in character when I try to rp them... now it's getting more apparent.
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I have been sucked in... I don't know why it's even that addicting
The ultimate distraction! D:

And MS Paint Adventures is down...
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Well, I'll be more active now. I really enjoyed drawing those requests and I thank you all for the feedback! It really has motivated me for my current project.

yes, now my schedules are perfect so I can work much more on the comic. This means I won't be taking requests...

Oh, and btw, Lyra x Inkie shipping is best shipping.
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I shall make these ones Lyra as my witness.

1. Iron Wing Char. Sheet for :icontimuramir: DONE
2. Blue Raspberry with Mendy and Rosie for :iconswordofjanak: DONE
3. Gold for :iconyemto: DONE
4. Octavia for :iconlyratriestodraw: DONE
5. "Pinkie Pie and Rarity dancing the Tango, while Gummy is stuck on Pinkie's ear." for this crazy guy :icontwistbolt: DONE
6. Tootsie for :iconulyssesgrant: DONE
7. Cloudchaser for :iconch33zus: DONE
8. them 2 OCs gonna draw em and shit... IN PROGRESS

I think I can manage...
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The last few days I have had zero time to draw... and that will continue for the rest of the week. Hopefully I'll get to churn out some random stuff next week, though....

Do you have any requests per chance? Anything? Maybe involving Mane6?
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Thank you Anon! Who ever you are! May the great universal force bless you with countless velvet vanilla cupcakes!

But now what do I do? Is there some sort of guide??? How do I change my skin? D:
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Thank you all for the views, comments, SHARP FAV STARTS OF DOOM and all the lovin'
Helps me draw, even though my surrounding do not exactly promote that...
Bleughhhh! Randomness. Is it not fun?

Work is boring as always, either there are too mnay customers and my brain explodes or there are none... and things get boring (even TWC, rly? OMG! NO waysz!?). But I syrvive, it's just a metter of truning your brain off.
I need to get back to watching my series... but I;m so lazy... GREAT FUMBLING CELESTIAS! I am one lazy bum.... this has to stop. >:[

Might as well list some awesome artists... I should put it in my bio thing... I need a pic too... hmm...

If you are not these people and aren't watching them, then DO watch them!

Also, where could I get a good Lyra plushie?
Hmmm... this wonderful human tagged me: :iconch33zus:  <-- go throw favs and apples at him, then watch him as he makes apple sauce with them.

I have to tag... what? TEN ppl?
:iconstingray970:, :iconkeneticpest:, :iconswordofjanak:, :icontimuramir:, :iconlexuzieel:

Five is enough evil for me.


1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new answers for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons in your journal. (lol)
4. Go to their pages and tell him/her you've tagged said-person.
5. No tag backs.It basically just goes on and on and get the idea.
6. No crappy stuff in the tagging section like "You are tagged if you are reading this".You legitimately (AKA truely,really,with all honesty) have to tag 10 people.

My Tagger questioned me this:

1.Favorite Pony?
LYRA!!! <3

2.Favorite Musician?
I'm gonna go for my fav brony musician: Livingtombstone

3.Rate from 1 to 10 how much do u like MLP?
10, but that's not a very good representation. Once I tried to measure it in real terms but I ended up tearing some time space.... so let's keep it at a simple '10'

4.Favorite Website?

I just can't decide! D:

5.Favorite Drink?

6.How awesome am i?  
You, sir, are quite awesome indeed. If I recall, I did 'awe' at one moment when seeing you; thus I think you do qualify for that title.

7.Reason for joining Da?
I wanted to comment on stuff.

8.Favorite Tv series?
Modern Family

9. Favourite MLP Episode?
Dog and Pony Show

10.To be or not to be?
I'd rather wither the hale of arrows... it's better to live badly than not at all.

But then I like thinking... so we could easily say: Cogito ergo sum -no choice there...
ammarite or what?  

Oh! Now I have to make question -.-
So lazy, here we go....

2. Last thing you remember?
7. You're stuck on an island with Pinkie, John Travolta, and Darth Vader. What now?
1. Best BG pony?
4. When was the last time you scratched you head?
10. Best fan fic?
3. When did you admit to yourself that you liked these colourful equines?
6. How did you get into bronydom?
9. Best childhood cartoon?
5. Grimdark, yes? no?
8. Lyra best pony.

There! Off you go, mortals! OFF YOU GO TO ANSWER THESE THINGS!!!!
I should update this with some more interesting stuff...

On the comic: I finished 2 pages with dialogue and color and all. I think it's better I do them page by page, because sketching it all out and then having to do 3 passes more is kind of demotivating. But yeah, it's going well, for now. Just need to think up the 3rd panel :P Haven't had much time to think, or maybe it cuz of lack of inspiration. But I'll get to it.

Sadly (well, for the drawing) I'm going to be pretty busy this week cuz I have to give classes and do band practice. I'll try to draw as much as I can, but I'll just have to see how much motivation I have :/

I've also drawn some more humans, one of Mendheart and most recently: Rosie!
I'll have to fix the Mendheart one a bit, though.... something wrong with the face. I'm starting to really like Rosie as a human and I may follow :icontwistbolt:'s great words and make an expression chart... a DUAL expression chart. All of it has been good practice in learning how to draw the female body, as I never had done so before.

But, I have to ask, do you likes humanized pony characters? Or just the ponies as they are.
3000? Woot!

Thank you all for this, seriously!
All you guys motivate me to draw and DO stuff instead of melting away in sedentarism.
You are awesome!

Now for the pic?



Lyra is best pony ~<3